“Reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs & Sharp Objects, this chilling British serial killer thriller had me gripped... an ending that you won’t see coming.”

—Sarah Pinborough, NYT bestselling author of Behind Her Eyes

For readers of Tana French and Gillian Flynn comes a chilling thriller from award-winning author Jen Williams. Available in the UK from July 2021 under the title Dog Rose Dirt, and in the US as A Dark and Secret Place in June .

Once upon a time there was a red wolf. But this is no fairy tale. He was a killer.

When Heather Evans’ mother dies suddenly, questions are left unanswered. Questions like why she was writing to a serial killer for over thirty years and why she took her own life just as similar murders to those he committed start to happen again.


The only person alive who might have those answers is Michael Reave, known as The Red Wolf, but he’s locked away in Belmarsh Prison. If Heather is to have any hope of finding the truth and stopping further bloodshed she’ll have to confront a monster and hear his story.


Once upon a time there lived a red wolf. But this is no fairy tale. He is a killer.

“An unsettling pastoral thriller, which grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. Part-Midsommar, part-Hereditary, part-Mindhunter – and entirely terrifying.”

—Abigail Dean, author of Girl A

“Masterfully plotted and heart-poundingly tense, Jen Williams combines British folklore, cults, and the most chilling serial killer to grace the page in years - creating a thriller that's both mesmerising, and utterly terrifying. I was hooked from the first page to the last.”

—Katie Lowe, author of The Furies

“Creepy and compelling, Dog Rose Dirt is a truly disturbing take on a serial killer narrative. I read it heart in mouth - keep the lights on!

—Harriet Tyce, the Sunday Times bestselling author of Blood Orange

A Dark and Secret Place lives up to its title; it’s dark as a Grimm fairy tale and brimming with secrets the reader will race to reveal. With its terrifying story of a serial killer, and the woman who’s recently uncovered her mother’s connection to him, this novel will appeal to—and deeply chill—fans of true crime.”

—Megan Collins, author of The Winter Sister and Behind the Red Door

“Intense and with a seam of gallows humour, A Dark and Secret Place delivers complex characters and a fascinating journey into the past and future of a sequence of unforgettable crimes. Terrifying, fun, and insightful.”

—Nathan Ripley, bestselling author of Find You in the Dark

“For fans of Tana French and Thomas Harris, A Dark and Secret Place is a taut and stylish thriller…Riveting from the first page.”

—E.G. Scott, internationally bestselling author of The Woman Inside

A Dark and Secret Place is a chilling, hypnotic novel about the legacy of violence. Part police procedural, part Gothic fairytale, this book will appeal to thriller and horror fans alike. Jen Williams's language is mesmerizing and the plot kept me turning the pages well past bedtime – and when I finally fell asleep, it gave me nightmares.”

—Sara Sligar, author of Take Me Apart

“A fairy tale for adults with strong stomachs.”