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'I, for one, just love tales of crime laced with a hint of the occult and I can think of no better offering in this category of fiction than The Hungry Dark. Nonstop plotting, richly drawn characters and a masterful touch in blending crime procedure with otherworldly gothic makes this novel a one-sitting read. Fantastic—in every sense of the word!'

Jeffery Deaver, author of The Bone Collector and Hunting Time

'I was absolutely blown away. This serial killer mystery and thriller fully embraces its folk horror origins. The spooky, sinister setting is superbly drawn. I could almost feel myself shivering in the shadow of Red Rigg Fell.'

James Oswald, author of the Inspector McLean series

'Gave us actual goosebumps'

The Stylist

'Williams needs no introduction in the genre of horror suspense. Her winning mix of heart-pounding plot, eerie urban legends, unreliable protagonists, and full, lush character development will not disappoint. Recommended for all those who enjoy an extra bite with their thrillers'


'Turn on the bedside lamp, check under the bed, and be prepared to stay up all night finishing this haunting novel. The Hungry Dark is the perfect combination of a twisty thriller and a classic horror tale, but it’s so much more. It’s a story about discovering our destiny, confronting our demons, and finding our way out of the dark. Jen Williams is at the top of her game.'

Alex Finlay, author of Every Last Fear

As a child, Ashley Whitelam could see things nobody else could: quiet, watchful figures she called the Heedful Ones, shadowy presences that kept a strange vigil wherever she went. She hasn't seen them in eighteen years, but since then Ashley has turned her taste of the beyond into a career as a “psychic” – parting people from their money with a combination of psychology and internet research.

When the Lake District is gripped by a series of grisly child murders, Ashley offers her services to the police for the free publicity. But as she leads them on a fruitless search around the small town of Green Beck, she finds something she never could have predicted: the body of the latest missing child.

The press fly into a frenzy and the police grow suspicious: either Ashley’s psychic abilities are real, or she is guilty of murder. Hounded by interviews and interrogations, Ashley teams up with Freddie Miller, a podcaster covering the crimes. As they investigate, Ashley realises that there’s no way to distance herself from these murders: whoever or whatever it is that’s haunting the Lakes is haunting her, too...

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