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'I, for one, just love tales of crime laced with a hint of the occult and I can think of no better offering in this category of fiction than The Hungry Dark. Nonstop plotting, richly drawn characters and a masterful touch in blending crime procedure with otherworldly gothic makes this novel a one-sitting read. Fantastic—in every sense of the word!'

Jeffery Deaver, author of The Bone Collector and Hunting Time

As a child, Ashley Whitelam could see things nobody else could: quiet, watchful figures she called the Heedful Ones, shadowy presences that kept a strange vigil wherever she went. She hasn't seen them in eighteen years, but since then Ashley has turned her taste of the beyond into a career as a “psychic” – parting people from their money with a combination of psychology and internet research.

When the Lake District is gripped by a series of grisly child murders, Ashley offers her services to the police for the free publicity. But as she leads them on a fruitless search around the small town of Green Beck, she finds something she never could have predicted: the body of the latest missing child.

The press fly into a frenzy and the police grow suspicious: either Ashley’s psychic abilities are real, or she is guilty of murder. Hounded by interviews and interrogations, Ashley teams up with Freddie Miller, a podcaster covering the crimes. As they investigate, Ashley realises that there’s no way to distance herself from these murders: whoever or whatever it is that’s haunting the Lakes is haunting her, too...

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