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A flurry of updates: signings, podcasts, and offers

A quick factual update for you! On Saturday 13th of May I will be at Forbidden Planet helping to launch (and sign) a new anthology from editors extraordinaire, Marie O'Regan and Paul Kane. The Other Side of Never is an excellent collection of stories inspired by Peter Pan, and I'm proud to say that I was asked to write the foreword. There will be a bunch of fabulous authors there, ready and willing to scribble on anything you like. Do come along!

I recently had a lot of fun on the Page One podcast, discussing the challenges of being a multi genre author, planning (or in my case, ignoring plans) and my whole messy journey to writerhood. Check it out here to listen for free (and have a wee look at their excellent notebooks, which I highly recommend)

This month The Ninth Rain is part of the kindle monthly deal - grab an epic chunk of character-driven fantasy (with all the giant bats, bitey elves and bad ass women you could want) for just 99p! You've got 3 days left to grab it.

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