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Dog Rose Dirt is here!

My first ever crime thriller is now officially available to buy in hardback, ebook and audio formats! You can get it here if you like, or here, or here, or go directly to your local bookshop and grab one. Or ask your local library to get it in - we love libraries in this house.

The road here has been a strange and rocky one, thanks to, ya know, the pandemic and everything, plus some personal life stuff that has been very difficult. It's been roughly two years of total cowpats, so to come out on the other side of that and see this new little book of mine appearing in the windows of bookshops or sitting face out in Waterstones... I am very proud of it, and amazed all over again that I get to do this job that I love so much.

Dog Rose Dirt is a dark fairy tale of a serial killer book, and I hope, if you're brave enough, you might journey into the woods with me.

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