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Dog Rose Dirt proofs IN MY HANDS

They have arrived! The ARCs (advanced reader copies) of Dog Rose Dirt are in the house, and they look fabulous. I have been digging these kinds of MASSIVE FONT book covers for a while now, so I'm totally thrilled I get my own - plus that rose pink is just so striking.

Once upon a time there was a red wolf. But this is no fairy tale. He was a killer.

When Heather Evans’ mother dies suddenly, questions are left unanswered. Questions like why she was writing to a serial killer for over thirty years and why she took her own life just as similar murders to those he committed start to happen again.

The only person alive who might have those answers is Michael Reave, known as The Red Wolf, but he’s locked away in Belmarsh Prison. If Heather is to have any hope of finding the truth and stopping further bloodshed she’ll have to confront a monster and hear his story.

Once upon a time there lived a red wolf.

But this is no fairy tale.

He is a killer.

Dog Rose Dirt will be published on the 22nd of July, and you can preorder it here, or at any bookshop you like.

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