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Horror novella from Absinthe Books now out in the world!

'Alizon Grey is being driven to her death, caged in the back of a cart ready to be burned to death as a witch, and for killing her father. When the cart is attacked and she finds herself loose, we follow her journey as she tries to reach safety even as the story of her life—mistreated and the last of her siblings—is gradually revealed. Alizon has had to fight for her life before now, but this time wins all and the truth will be revealed.'

'A stunningly haunted tale that instils anger, fear, and humour in an atmospheric tale that leaves you with conflicting emotions long after you’ve put it down'

British Fantasy Society

'As ever, Williams writes a strong central character whose humanity is tested by forces outwith her control… producing a story that will linger'

Sci-Fi Bulletin

'Alizon is a wonderfully dark protagonist and storyteller, the journey told through her perspective added depth to the tragic story of her and her sisters'

Hear Us Scream

Seven Dead Sisters is now available to order through the PS Publishing website, and there's a limited signed edition available too, if you want something extra special. It's been ages since I've written a) anything short and b) straight up horror, so it was such a treat to get to write this twisted little tale. I enjoyed myself enormously exploring the tragic story of Alizon and her sisters. And what a cover! Phew.

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