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Join me at Fantasycon 2021!

I am very excited to say that I have been invited to be one of Fantasycon's Guests of Honour! Some of you will know that I was supposed to fulfil this role way back in 2019, but fate conspired against me somewhat, with my partner becoming very ill (he is much better now, thankfully) followed by, of course, covid taking a giant dump over everyone's plans in 2020. So.

Obviously it's a strange time for any kind of public event, and I'm sure plenty of things will be subject to change, but I am tentatively very much looking forward to spending time with my extended SFF family again. Plus IMAGINE all the nerdy masks we can wear. If you're going please do give me a shout - there are so many people I want to catch up with! Fantasycon 2021 is taking place over the 24th to 26th of September, at the Jury's Inn Hotel, Birmingham. If you're looking for tickets, you should be able to find them on this page.

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