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Limited edition hardbacks of The Winnowing Flame!

Wherever you are with your publishing career, there are little secret dreams you have as a writer that you keep close to your heart, little achievements that you hope will happen someday, but suspect will probably not, due to time and luck and so on. And then there are dreams you didn't even really know you had... The Winnowing Flame trilogy was originally published in trade paperback format and then standard paperback format – just as the Copper Cat trilogy was – and I loved both the chonky version and the petite version. I hoped that a future fantasy book might get the hardback treatment, and recently I was thrilled that my first crime thriller, Dog Rose Dirt, made its debut in fancy hardcover. But fantasy hardbacks are special...

So! You can imagine my delight when I was told The Broken Binding wanted to release a special signed hardback edition of the Winnowing Flame series. There would be numbering! And foil blocked boards! And even sprayed page edges! The Broken Binding have been producing exquisite limited editions of some exceptional fantasy books, and I am over the moon that the Winnowing Flame will be making an appearance. It's all part of their exclusive subscription service, so pop over to their website to see how it works: as you'd expect it's wildly popular, so there's a waiting list, but they are expecting spaces to become available.

I cannot wait to see what the new editions look like. And if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that Vintage herself would be proud to have them on her library shelves. I'd like to say a big thank you to the Broken Binding for envisioning these fancy books, and to the readers who have championed the Winnowing Flame – it's your enthusiasm that has made this particular dream come true.

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