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Vintage crosses the pond!

Earlier this year, the Winnowing Flame ebooks were made available to readers in the US and Canada - and now I'm thrilled to say that the physical versions are on their way too! From the 17th January, you will be able to buy all three books in their gorgeous paperback format, and you can preorder them RIGHT NOW.

If you're ordering in the States, you can go here for the Barnes & Noble info, and here for the Amazon page.

If you're in Canada, here is the Indigo link, and this here is the Amazon link.

Of course, your local indie bookshop will also be able to order these books in for you, simply go in armed with titles or ISBNs and BOOM, a finished trilogy of adventure, emoshuns and giant bats will be yours in January.

The Ninth Rain ISBN: 978-1472235183

The Bitter Twins ISBN: 978-1472235213

The Poison Song ISBN: 978-1472235244

Authors often bang on about how important preorders and sales are, and the reality is they do make a big difference; to the lifespan of the book you're ordering, and to the longterm career of the writer. If you're keen to see any future fantasy books of mine available outside of the UK (and gods bless you if you are) then ordering these editions is a huge help and you are the best. Thank you! <3

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