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Welcome! This is my new home on the web

It's been a strange time, hasn't it? Possibly the strangest of times. One odd side effect of being stuck indoors all day (my partner is currently going through chemo treatment so we're definitely on the 'avoid human contact as much as poss' side of things) is that I'm finally getting around to the seven thousand or so jobs that have been waiting around for me to do them. And one of the things on that list was: Sort Out Your Website, You Plum. So here it is! It's all as simple as possible at the moment, but it's nice to have my own tiny space online back. I'm going to try to keep the blog relatively up to date (famous last words) and I'll add bits and bobs as they occur. Look out for updates on my thriller as we get towards the end of the year... And I hope you are all keeping well and safe out there.

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